People online have been roasting White Claw over their most recent product announcement- White Claw Zero Alcohol.

Does anyone actually drink White Claws for the taste? Pretty sure most of us reach for them purely out of convenience and because they offer a quick buzz in a pinch at bars where the mixed drinks are overpriced and nasty.

While the concept of a non-alcoholic seltzer might seem like an unorthodox move for a brand renowned for its alcoholic seltzers, it has certainly raised a few eyebrows and prompted some humorous reactions.

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What Are People Saying?

A Twitter, or X, user made an extremely good point, sounds like any other soda to me. This seems to be the general consensus.

Not going to lie, we kind of agree with Darren, this will most likely be a flop considering how many flavored seltzer waters are already on the market.

This tweet perfectly sums up how most people are reacting to this new White Claw.


With That Being Said It Is Perfect Timing for Dry January


With Dry January gaining popularity as a resolution for many who aim to start the year with a healthier approach, White Claw Zero Alcohol couldn't have come at a better time. Dry January encourages individuals to abstain from alcohol for the entire month, promoting mindfulness, wellness, and a fresh start to the year. White Claw's commitment to providing an alcohol-free alternative enables those participating in Dry January to continue enjoying their favorite flavors without compromising their sobriety.

Mardi Gras Cheers Without the Alcohol


Mardi Gras often goes hand-in-hand with alcoholic beverages. However, for those who want to partake in the festivities while keeping a clear head, White Claw Zero Alcohol provides a great solution. Whether you're catching beads, dancing in the streets, or enjoying a king cake, you can now do so with the familiar taste of White Claw minus the alcohol.


Try It For Your Self


White Claw Zero Alcohol is now available at local retailers throughout Acadiana such as Albertsons and Total Wine.

Whether you're taking a break from alcohol this Dry January or simply looking for a refreshing, non-alcoholic option during Mardi Gras, White Claw Zero Alcohol offers a taste of the good times without the spirits.

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