No matter, if you're in Amarillo, Texas, or anywhere in the world, being single on Valentine's Day, isn't fun, especially if you're still holding a grudge against your ex.

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Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to love and affection. However, not everyone may appreciate it, especially if they have recently been dumped or cheated on. During such tough times, one may feel angry and petty, but it's important to remain rational and not do anything to get back at your ex that would land you in jail.  So that's why there are some things you can do for your ex for Valentine's Day that will give you some satisfaction.

Here are 7 Things You Can Do to Your Ex for Valentine's Day

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Ex

Breakups are never fun. They are even worse when your ex has done you dirty. Sometimes you hold onto a grudge and you want to be petty. You can still celebrate Valentine's with your ex in the most unique ways.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

Aren't those fun? You should hear the stories from people who have tried these things on their ex, these folks are finding a little bit of satisfaction in a crappy situation.    Nothing is as bad as being scorned by your ex.   Yes, most of us have a twinge of revenge in our bones and want some kind of revenge, err, closure.   Although I completely agree some of these aren't nice, they seem harmless, and for others, you're helping and organization raise money.

If you're feeling no love on Valentine's Day, maybe those ideas can help you release a little frustration towards your ex.

Items to Avoid gifting on Valentine's Day

Do not be that partner who gets any of the items listed below, then again, do, that is if you don't want the relationship to last much longer.

Gallery Credit: Aly

9 Things Women Really Want From Their Man on Valentine's Day

Women just proved that the best Valentine's Day gifts are absolutely free. Every man needs to know this information because the perfect gift is NOT found in a store.

Gallery Credit: Steve Shannon

Valentine's Day Approved gifts

If you get/do any of the items listed below, congratulations, you have avoided the dog house.

Gallery Credit: Aly

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