When it comes to Texas horror movies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is at the top for a lot of people. Turns out a very popular actor is a big fan.

What is the Most Recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie?

In case you're unaware, Netflix released the most recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2022. I don't know how well it did since it was only on a streaming platform. What does the future hold for this franchise that already has nine films? Who knows, but Paul Giamatti dropped this nugget last night.

Paul Giamatti Loves the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Before winning his award last night at The Golden Globes for Best Male Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, he of course walked down the red carpet like everyone else. What's next for Paul Giamatti after his most recent performance in 'The Holdovers'? Looks like he wants to get into horror movies or at least try one.

Paul Giamatti Has Done a Little Bit of Everything Throughout His Career

Comedy, drama, even portrayed American president John Adams for a HBO miniseries back in the day. I would say he has done a little bit of everything besides a horror movie. Am I saying Paul should be playing Leatherface? No, that would probably be a terrible role for him. One of the crazy people inside the Sawyer (Leatherface) family? Oh hell yeah, sign me up for that.

A Lot of Famous Actors Have Been a Part of the Texas Chainsaw Franchise

TNT Press Hours, Signings And Panels At New York Comic Con - Friday October 9, 2015
Cindy Ord

That photo above is John Laroquette, you have probably seen him in countless movies and sitcoms throughout your life. He was actually in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie and you probably had no idea.

John Laroquette Original Narrator for Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The first voice you ever hear in the franchise is John Laroquette. It was his first ever film role. Although he doesn't appear on screen, it is his first official film credit. So serious actors have been a part of this franchise and I say give Paul Giamatti a shot for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 10.

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