Ah, behold, the wonderful world of renewable energy production!

Ah, behold, the wonderful world of renewable energy production.

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Welcome to the first quarter of 2022, where Texas takes home the gold medal, proudly claiming that it produced over 14% of the country's renewable energy, according to this article.

Runners Up

But don't worry, Texas doesn't hog all the glory. Washington swoops in at a respectable second place with its hydroelectric energy, generating over 10% of the national total. Kudos, Washington, you sure know how to make a splash! Meanwhile, California struts its stuff, boasting about being the leader in both utility-scale solar and geothermal. Way to go, California, you just had to be number one in everything, didn't you?  


Honorable Mentions

Let's not forget the other states strutting their renewable stuff. We have Iowa, Oregon, Oklahoma, New York, Kansas, Illinois, and Minnesota, all putting on their renewable energy shows. You get renewable energy! You get renewable energy! Everyone gets renewable energy! It's like Oprah's favorite things, but instead of giving away cars, we're giving away wind turbines and solar panels.

Going Nuclear

Now, let's talk about the dark horse of the energy race: nuclear energy! Sure, it's not considered "renewable" by the EIA, but it's still cool enough to be part of the alternative club. It made up 8% of the nation's energy usage in 2021, which might not sound like much, but hey, it's better than nothing, right? Props to Illinois for being the nuclear energy powerhouse, proving that they can handle more than just deep-dish pizza.


Fossil Fuels

Oh, and did you know that renewable energy usage surpassed coal in 2019?  But fossil fuels are still flexing their muscles, proudly claiming 79.1% of overall energy production.

So there you have it, the top ten states that are rocking the renewable energy game. Texas leads the charge with wind, Washington brings the hydroelectric thunder, and California shines like the sun with its solar and geothermal prowess.

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