It was initially alarming to read that some officials in the state of Texas are suggesting that you may be texting rather than calling during the total solar eclipse coming on April 8.

No, it is not because the aliens that are planning to take over our planet will be jamming up the systems so there's no way we can call for help when they arrive during the solar eclipse. (Well, at least we've not officially heard that being confirmed. Yes, I'm kidding for Pete's sake.)

Besides, if aliens were going to be invading our entire planet, who on earth would we call for help anyway?

But I digress.

Aliens invading and conspiracy theories aside, what is the REAL reason Texans may not have cell service during the total solar eclipse?

Officials in Kerrville, Texas say that due to the influx of people in those Texas counties, the cell towers may become overloaded. A report shared by states:

'With populations expected to double overnight in many small Texas towns in the path of totality for the April 8 total solar eclipse, local officials are warning that cell towers may become jammed up.'

Apparently, in some of our bigger cities, like San Antonio, Texas, they've had this happen during some of those huge festivals they host.

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But it could happen again, they warn, in cities all over the state--at least those in the path of totality which is the reason so many people are planning to be in our East Texas cities like Longview and Tyler, Texas.

We already some Texas city officials have declared states of emergency for April 8, due to the projected number of people who will be in our communities from outside the area. And as far as we know, no additional cell towers are planned at this time.

Because of the extra strain, it would be wise for those who CAN text to plan to do that on April 8, rather than CALL. Hopefully, this will relieve some of the extra strain on our cell towers.

The motto is: 'Text if you can, call if you must.'

Where are you planning on watching the total solar eclipse?

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