There is nothing better than driving down an old rural road here in the great state of Texas on a beautiful day, well I guess it’s always better when you’re in a vehicle that you enjoy. It’s amazing that feeling when you first get to drive your own car or truck. It really doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle it is because you’re just happy to have that freedom to drive. But the older you get the more you want to like your vehicle and all the bells and whistles that come with it.  

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My first car was a 1986 Honda Civic that leaked water into the trunk as the seal was broken, but it was what I could afford, and I was just happy to have something to get me to work and to football practice. Now that I can afford a vehicle that doesn’t allow any leaks I have upgraded and while my vehicle isn’t anything special, I am just happy to say that my reliable vehicle is paid off. But it’s interesting to think if I would ever want to buy the same vehicle again. 

Do You Enjoy Your Vehicle? 

Are you satisfied with your vehicle? Do you enjoy all the features and is the gas mileage in a spot where you would actually want to buy the same vehicle again? It’s interesting to think about as I’ve had my car for 6+ years with no major issues. But I think I would still not buy my same car again as I would want to try something different. 

More Than Half of These Vehicle Owners Wouldn’t Buy Their Same Vehicle Again 

Recently, Money Talks News created a list of cars that drivers would never buy again. It’s interesting to see which vehicles made the list and some of the details as to why their owners don’t seem to love their purchase decision.  

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