Just like any law enforcement agency, Texas police use a system of codes to communicate with each other and convey critical information quickly and efficiently. Keep scrolling as we discuss some of the more common police codes that folks in the Lone Star State should know.

Whether it's police, fire department, or even truckers, I've always been fascinated by radio communication. I subscribe to a scanner radio app that keeps me up to date with local information whether it's a crime or even an accident. Heck, sometimes I'll even listen to other states.

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If you're like me and like monitoring scanner radios, one thing you should know that will help your experience is what different law enforcement codes mean. These codes are used in radio transmissions to pass on information without revealing sensitive details about a situation.

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So, If you are interested in keeping up with law enforcement communication via scanner app or ham radio, knowing these common codes will go a long way in helping to know what exactly is going on.

A website called Police Codes has a list of various codes used by different law enforcement agencies which you can also narrow down to specific cities. Below, are the more common codes used in Texas.

Common Texas Police Codes You Should Know

These are very common police codes used by the Texas Department of Public Safety officers when they are on duty.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Speaking of codes, some folks believe we Texans talk in some sort of code. The following are some of the more common phrases we use to communicate with only folks in the Lone Star State can understand.

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