When you drive down the highway between Houston and Galveston, there is a  stretch of Texas interstate known as the "I-45 Highway of Hell" near League City. I never gave it much thought to it other than it's a long boring stretch of highway. However it's called the "Highway to Hell" because of the 30 females from near there who were murdered.

Those who have been found there were between the ages of 10 and 25 years old. Over 30 bodies have been found across four decades.

The last time I drove through there I asked my father-in-law - who lived about 50 miles from the highway - and he told me about Killing The Truth About the 30 Women Found in the Texas Killing Fields. There is an area they call the Calder Oil Field; that area is where most of the bodies have been discovered.

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What is sad is that a lot of the girls who have been discovered are still unidentified. Investigators from different counties and law agencies all agree that these girls were either raped or sexually molested before being murdered, according to autopsy reports.

While at least 30 bodies have been discovered in the Texas Killing Fields, there are still dozens of young Texas females from that local area still missing. Most of the murdered and those still missing are similar in body size, hair color, and between the ages of 10 to 25. Thus leading investigators to believe that this is all the work of a single person, a serial killer.

WARNING: The video below contains graphic details and information. Please watch at your discretion.

In 1997, the League City Police Department ran a search for registered sex offenders in the area, and discovered that there were over 2,100 sex offenders in that stretch of I-45 between Galveston and Houston.

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