As a born and bred pure Texan there are a lot of things I will do for the Lone Star State -  and then there are a lot of things I will never do. First off, I will never resolve to give up chili, and I will never put beans in my chili either. Beans in chili is a sin in my book.

A few days ago I asked the station's listeners to share with me their New Year's resolutions that they swear they will never make. I was blown away when the first one said they would never give up BBQ. Another said the same about Tex-Mex. Yet another about never giving up chili.

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My youngest daughter was so excited to share her "NEVER New Year's resolution". She made me smile from ear to ear when she said, "I ain't never stoppin' listenin' to country. It's my life's instruction manual."

My boss Chaz said, "I will never give up Dr. Peppers, EVER!" I'm glad Chaz said this because Dr. Pepper is a Texas-made product and part of the state's history. So, below you will see a list that I have compiled from the responses I received. What is your "Never New Year's Resolution"?

These are the top 20 New Year's resolutions Texans swear they will never make:

  1. Avoid country music: As my little Princess put it, "Country music is my life's soundtrack! You gotta have it to survive the Wild Wild West."
  2. Give up barbecue: I ain't givin' up my barbecue for nothin' it's a Texas staple.
  3. Stop saying "y'all": I ain't stoppin' sayin' "y'all"; it's part of our Southern charm, and it's all-inclusive, so there.
  4. Quit using the word "fixin'": We Texans are always fixin' to do something. Besides when foreigners from out of state get broke down on the highway we're fixin' to help y'all.
  5. Give up sweet tea: That is a big fat NO! We ain't givin' up the liquid of the Gods for nobody, period end of sentence. It's a sweet part of our Southern sippin' culture.
  6. Give up Blue Bell ice cream: We won't give up Blue Bell ice cream; it's Texas medicine for a better life.
  7. Swear off Texas high school football: First off we don't swear and we ain't stopping watchin' the national pastime in Texas. I/we won't stop going to see our favorite Texas high school football; cheerin' for the local teams is in my Texan blood.
  8. Ditch the pickup truck for public transportation: I won't be tradin' my pickup truck for public transport; I'd rather go vegetarian than give up my truck.
  9. Become a vegetarian: No way I'm goin' vegetarian; Tex-Mex and barbecue are too dang good to pass up.
  10. Avoid using "ma'am" and "sir": I won't stop usin' "ma'am" and "sir"; it's just good manners in Texas.
  11. Give up Tex-Mex: I'm not droppin' Tex-Mex for a year; it's too much a part of my Texan tastebuds.
  12. Learn to love cold weather: I ain't fixin' to love cold weather; Texas is all about that warm sunshine.
  13. Avoid saying "bless your heart": I won't stop sayin' "bless your heart"; it's just how we show kindness in Texas.
  14. Give up cowboy boots: There's no way I'm ditchin' my cowboy boots for a whole year; they're a part of my Texan style.
  15. Ignore college football season: No way I'm ignorin' college football season; hook 'em Horns is the Texan way.
  16. Skip the State Fair of Texas: No chance I'm skippin' the State Fair of Texas; it's a big ol' tradition for me.
  17. Stop wearing cowboy hats: I won't stop wearin' my cowboy hats; they're a symbol of my Texan pride.
  18. Become a snow sports enthusiast: I won't be takin' up snow sports like skiing; we don't get enough snow in Texas for that.
  19. Avoid the rodeo: There's no way I'm skippin' the rodeo; it's a rootin' tootin' good time.
  20. Take a break from camping: I won't take a break from camping; Texas has some mighty fine outdoor spots.

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