Within the first book of the Bible lies the tale of the Tower of Babel. It chronicles mankind's attempts to build a tower to reach the heavens in order to communicate with God on the mortal plane.

Aretists rendition of the Tower of Babel
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Unfortunately, the man upstairs likes his privacy, and proceeded to change the languages every worker spoke to make communication between them impossible.

Despite that divine warning at the beginning of human history, we've been trying to recapture that magic ever since.

The Tallest Buildings in Arizona

Group of skyscrapers reaching into the sky
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While not New York or Chicago, Arizona is home to Phoenix, a major metropolitan area that houses skyscrapers of its own right.

The tallest building in the state of Arizona is the Chase Tower in Downtown Phoenix with 40 floors and reaching 483 feet into the sky. Right after that is U.S. Bank Center, with 31 floors at 407 feet tall.

The Chase Tower in Phoenix
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These pale in comparison to towers like the Empire State Building or the Burj Khalifa, but Arizona's city planners want to start catching up.

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Building a New Arizona Skyscraper

Last summer, Aspirant Development, a Scottsdale based contractor received the go-ahead from the Phoenix City Council to begin work on a new apartment building in the Phoenix metro area.

Downtown Phoenix
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The plans have just become public, and Aspirant wants to make history. The building is planned to be composed of two separate towers, one of which will become the tallest building in the state of Arizona.

The first tower will be 44 stories and 541 feet tall, beating the previous record holder, Chase Tower, by 58 feet and 4 stories. The second tower will be 34 stories and be 424 feet tall.

A skyscraper reaching to the heavens
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Construction is expected to begin in early 2025, and leasing will commence in late 2027.

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