It's not as important as, say, Groundhog Day but, c'mon ... it has all the makings of a new drinking holiday!!

I had no idea National Radio Day was a thing.  Of course, it's also National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day and I didn't know that either. That day is probably going to beat us out if they ever decide we need a new national holiday but, "Radio Day" would be more fun to celebrate. As much as we drink around here, if we got a whole day off to go enjoy, every bar within a mile of The Q studios would see sales figures along the lines of Mardi GrasSt. Patricks Day or Cinco De Mayo. (See, it SHOULD be a holiday. In the interest of boosting the local economy. It's actually a very noble thing we'd be doing.)

Anyway, in celebration of radio, here are some of my favorite ...well, first I could think of off the top of my head anyway ... radio-related songs. Cheers!!