How the hell ... (can I still write "hell" in these things??) ... did THIS get by me??

First, I almost missed National "no Bra" day, now this.  (I have GOT to get my priorities together.)  Today is National Drink Beer Day!!

Join me my brothers and sisters in a cold one or 5!  (12 pack, 30 pack ... whatever!)  

I am sooooo going to push our HR department into making this a designated company holiday for next year.  (Hear that Trish?  Best not to argue with me on this one!) 

It could be the next "Labor Day"!!  A 3 day weekend, big time beer and bbq supply sales at all the stores ... maybe even a whole new Q event to wrap up the year;  The Q Beer -B - Q!  With bands, brews, bbq and "beer-kini" contests!! (Note to self, get started on this for next year.  JT, LETS DO THIS!!

If you guys have any other ideas, shoot me an email ...

As for right now, I'm taking the rest of the day off! 

I am way behind ... Attention Glaziers on the west side!  Open up the loading dock, I'm bringing the truck over!

Peace!  (Remember, If you're going to celebrate this holiday ... or any other time ... be sure and designate a driver!)