Can we have until at least Labor Day to get Halloween and Thanksgiving handled before we have to go here?

Retailers thrust the holidays upon us earlier and earlier each year but this, I think, is the soonest I have seen Christmas stuff appear. Costco went into Christmas mode back in July.


Personally, I would like to wrap up Summer and focus on my Labor Day weekend party spirits before I fire up my holiday spirit. Jeez. This holiday rush is not a new topic, this news story aired 10 years ago.

Costco is not the only business getting a jump on things this year as the El Paso Spirit Halloween stores are set to open this month for the 2022 season. Halloween is within about 3 months though so, that one at least I kinda get.

I haven't seen any specials on turkeys yet and the Labor Day specials haven't surfaced either. I'm sure they will be along any minute now though.

At this rate, I guess by Labor Day ... or maybe Thanksgiving if retailers are SUPER patient ... we'll start Presidents Day mattress sales, Valentine's Day stuff and some Super Bowl ads.

Many people are irritated by this rush into the holidays. Then again, difficulties obtaining certain goods and products continue. With that in mind, maybe this is the year to adopt the old "if you can't beat 'em join, 'em" adage and start shopping.

The holiday shopping race could actually become a new holiday ... Happy 4th Quarter ya'll.


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