A rocker in Florida seems to think so and he recently took his act on the road to go up against Hurricane Laura.

Florida resident, (why does it not surprise me that he is from Florida?), Lane Pittman has decided that he can stop hurricanes with the mighty power of Heavy Metal.

Back in 2016, Lane walked into the teeth of Hurrican Matthew to scare him away armed with only Slayer and an American flag. (Matthew didn't even blink, causing around $6 billion in damages.)

Then, in 2018, Lane, Slayer, and the flag took on Hurricane Florence. She was also undeterred, hitting land to the tune of $22 billion in damages.

Which caught the attention of a nearby news crew. (Jump ahead to 1:55)

Last year, he took to the rooftops after Hurrican Dorian who responded with $3.4 billion in damage to the Caribbean.

I'm starting to wonder if hurricanes like Heavy Metal and Lane is unwittingly drawing them in. At last report, Lane was on his way to Louisiana to take on Hurricane Laura. (She doesn't seem to care about him either ...)

All humor aside, Lane is trying to raise money for hurricane relief efforts so his heart's in the right place. (Even though all his marbles may not be.) The only thing stronger than Lane's courage in the face of deadly storms is his patriotism. In 2015, while playing the national anthem in traffic, he caught the attention of the local Po-Po. They were cool at first, merely moving him to the sidewalk but then the crowd he attracted got too rowdy so they busted Lane.

Find out more about "Hurricane Man" in the video above.



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