Move over candy bars, this year is all about having instant ramen bars at Quinceañeras! But the new trend, which many Texans are getting into, is very polarizing with many calling it ghetto!

If you stumble upon Instagram Reels or TikToks, you may have already seen this, but this new trend is ditching the candy bars at Quinceañera and offering the instant ramen that (for the most part) everyone loves. Check it out below.

The trend is simple: get a ton of instant ramen, in this case the Maruchan brand (which is the best in my opinion) and have your guests pick and choose their favorite for a snack during the party!

It seems simple; however many are saying this trend is ghetto!

Now, we all know that Maruchan ramen is not the best for you. It's a full on sodium bomb and the last thing you should go for after a night of partying it up is a Maruchan. However, it's a party- what's wrong with letting loose just for one night?

After reading more in the comments, I think the main confusion lies in the fact that many think the instant ramen was the main meal! Now, I can't speak for the quinces that are shown in the videos, but the point of the videos say they are a "snack"- and if you've been to many quinces, you know there is ALWAYS a main meal, and then a snack during the celebration!

However, people will be upset about anything. I think this is a great idea- it's fun and cheap- and if you don't like instant ramen there's no rule that says you're obligated to get one! I wish I had one of these at my quince!


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