El Paso has a lot going on lately since summer is about a month away. Insights El Paso presented Nerd Nights - Prehistoric Tracking this month and was beyond exciting and informative!

There were a few options to choose from for what you felt like participating in. You could either do just the hike, or just the dinner followed by a discussion or all three combined. I definitely wanted to participate in all three, after all my inner love as a child for dinos was brought back to life. I mean, c'mon! Who didn't love watching PeeTree in The Land Before Time?! I was happy to be a part of Judy's tour group because she had us laughing quite often. She especially made us laugh out loud as she told the story about Eric Kappus bittersweet discovery! Above you will see some highlighted topics in the video above and dino tracks. Their 7th Nerd Night will help you have more of a better understanding of Cryptocurrency.

If you enjoy educational missions, then  Nerd Nights is something you want to participate in!