Cancer sucks. Seriously, just sucks. Hearing the word can pierce a soul as it is a trigger word for those who either brutally fought cancer, currently are fighting or knows someone who has lost a battle to cancer. Our own KLAQ family lost our beloved Scott Ronson to it and we miss him everyday.

When the news hits, it hits hard. A local tattoo shop is currently helping out an artist and friend Marty Manson battle liver and colon cancer. An amazing outpour of love and support has come his way and we want to help get the word out on helping Marty fight his battle.

As you can read in the Ink Society post, you can help support Marty's fight by donating $20 to his treatment fund. This $20 will also get you a raffle ticket that could win you a $350 tattoo from one of the many talented Ink Society artists. If you want to help Marty in any other way, please feel free to reach out to Ink Society.

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