If your stomach can't handle gore, this video and the sound will leave you cringing! This video was created for scientific purposes and shows you when you mix blood and hydrogen peroxide.

Igor30 gives you a demonstration as to what exactly happens when you inject a tick with 30 percent of hydrogen peroxide. Instead of injecting a human, Igor30 used the next best thing that survives off of sucking blood. Now the image and sound you're going to witness make it hard to continue finishing the rest of the video. After the needle is injected into the tick, the tick puffed out like a puffer fish! Igor30 also gives you an explanation step by step in the description about this process. The noises make you think the tick's body is about to explode open because of the hydrogen peroxide.

This kind of Science experiment isn't for the weak especially if you're gag reflex is easily triggered!

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