It's a little childish, it's a little on the disgusting side and it's also dangerous.

A report ... I would say a recent report but this one's from 1995 and, according to KVIA, it's the only study ever done so, keep reading ... says that picking your nose is not only socially unacceptable, it's also dangerous in a number of ways and could even greatly increase your risk of contracting COVID 19.

It's not only childish and gross, it's invasive. You're basically inserting germs, bacteria, and other nasty stuff directly into your body. Even if you just washed your hands, the second you touch anything else, (for example, whatever you dried them with), you could be picking up bad stuff which you will then transfer to your nose and into your body.

The mucus you have in your nose is part of your body's defensive mechanisms so, leave it alone. Once it dries, it forms the booger you're after and as you go digging around for that, you may scratch your inner nostril and expose yourself even further to whatever pathogens are floating around.

Bottom line; stop picking your freakin' nose. If you can't help yourself, there are forms of behavioral change therapy available. For more, click here and here. You can also try these and, in a pinch, rub raw habanero chilis all over your fingers. (That will totally stop you from rubbing your eyes anyway.) These days, you're also supposed to be wearing a mask which is also helpful.

You can't pick it if you can't get to it now, can you?

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