I would just like to say that Bigfoot already has this whole social distancing thing mastered. While bigfoot "experts" are not sure of how big the Bigfoot population actually is, they do say that it's possible that if they contract COVID-19, it could decimate their population. So, a sasquatch researcher named Thomas Sewid wants to get the word out to fellow investigators: wear a mask! Also, don't try to get close interaction if/when you encounter a Bigfoot; at least until this pandemic is over.

But not all sasquaters feel this way. "Sasquatch probably has no idea that there's a pandemic going on," this according to Cliff Barackman who runs the North American Bigfoot Center in Oregon and who you may have seen before on "Finding Bigfoot".He says that Bigfoot probably doesn't "even give a damn."

Because of the pandemic, sasquaters are struggling. Expeditions are pushed back, and many don't know when they can resume investigations. Barackman was forced to shut down the North American Bigfoot Center and says a big problem of being a Bigfoot researcher is that it's hard to even get close to them which makes sasquatches "masters at social distancing." But if there's one thing all sasquatchers do believe is that Bigfoot is probably doing way better than the rest of us and that we could probably learn a thing or two about social distancing.

I'm not a Bigfoot believer. I don't spend my time on Sasquatch message boards or spend weekends in the woods searching for it, but this reminds me of that one time Buzz played this audio for us of a possible Bigfoot scream. It still haunts me to this day!

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