El Paso needs a road booze truck that sells alcohol the way the ice cream truck sells ice cream in the neighborhood. San Antonio is lucky to have Chef Johnny Hernandez around since he brought his creative idea to life. Johnny Hernandez is a brilliant man for having adults in mind with his new invention. He is the man behind the Margarita Trucks since people still aren't comfortable enough to drink at the bar. Chef Johnny Hernandez is like the new Mister Rogers bringing excitement to the neighborhood. KSAT news got to talk to Chef Johnny Hernandez about his greatest invention.

Imagine how awesome it would be if El Paso had a road booze truck. We would be able to live the excitement all over again as we did as a child with the ice cream truck. You would be able to enjoy your favorite adult beverages right outside your home. I could see myself chilling on the porch waiting for the road booze truck to come around. If the 915 were to get a booze truck started, what kind of alcoholic beverages would be served? In my opinion, living in a border city that is neighbors with Ciudad Juarez would make sense to sell a drink that El Pasoans enjoy as a candy. That candy most El Pasoans enjoy eating are paletas. I remember nights out a lot of El Pasoan's would order paletas in drink and shot form. The Mexican candy shot/drink is favored for its lollipop flavored taste as Texas Monthly reported. I believe the song above would be the perfect anthem for the booze truck to play while it drives around the neighborhood. Choose what type of booze you would hope to buy if El Paso got a booze truck in the poll below.

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