An SUV transporting 5 migrants was chased by DPS on Sunday morning.


The chase began near the corner of Mesa and Doniphan and ended about a mile away…in one of the ponds at the El Paso Country Club.

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Wild and dangerous pursuits have become a common sight in El Paso.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself in the middle of one. I have, about two months ago. You’ll see a car driving insanely…perhaps running a red light or sideswiping other motorists…followed by MULTIPLE law enforcement vehicles. It’s kind of a miracle that there haven’t been more fatal accidents.

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On Sunday, according to our news partners at ABC-7, two DPS vehicles were pursuing the SUV up Country Club Drive headed toward Santa Teresa. The vehicle being pursued ended up going into one of the ponds at the country club.

All of the occupants bailed out of the vehicle before it plunged into the pond. No one was injured but 5 migrants were detained and the driver, an American, was arrested and will be charged with human smuggling.

There are NO ponds outside of the golf course grounds. That means, the driver must have driven PAST the Country Club building, through the entrance where even golf carts are not allowed, and then ONTO the course itself.

I would have thought the crash would have been into the pond right next to the first tee-box. But, nope, they actually made it all the way to the pond next to the number 18 fairway.

Golfers were ON the course when this event happened. That means that the smuggler drove through or by the practice green, across the number 1 fairway, across the 18 fairway, and into the pond on 18.  I live within walking distance of the club and I can confirm: as of last night (Monday) the vehicle is STILL in the pond!

Again, it’s a minor miracle that no innocent bystanders were harmed

There’s no word on if rounds were suspended or if any golfers got a “re-tee” if the incident happened in their backswings.

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