Yesterday we had Oscar Arrieta and Estela Casas on the show to talk about a program they're fronting to get tablets to hospitals so patients can FaceTime with their family. Sadly, that FaceTime session might be the last time the family members can talk together. These are the times we live in with the restrictions from COVID-19. If you'd like to support this cause and donate, you can CLICK HERE to head to the GoFundMe page for the Oscar Arrieta Tablet Initiative.

A senior home in Texas has come up with a way for their residents can spend time with and hug their family members. In fact, it was actually a group of Boy Scouts that set up the hugging booth. Lifestyle Director at Heartis Clear Lake Becky Hudson explained:

They built it exactly the way we envisioned it. They’re great, they’re huge, safe, and come with gloves.

Here's how the hugging booth works. You can sit across from your loved one with plexiglass separating the two. There are large gloves, kind of like the ones Homer uses in the intro to the Simpsons, that are worn by one person so they can extend out and actually hug someone they normally wouldn't have been able to hug.

Is this a perfect solution? No, not in the slightest. But this is the world we live in now more than ever. We have to find solutions to problems that might not be perfect, but better than what we have been stuck with.

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