The passing lane is only to be used in a certain situation. Jeez, they put the directions right in the freakin' name but, people still don't get it.

Here's how to properly use this lane. If you get behind a slowpoke:

  • Signal left. (Move the lever left of your steering wheel down. Ignore the clicking noise, it's normal, and focus on your lane change.)
  • When you're clear, move into the passing lane.
  • Pass the slowpoke
  • Signal right. (See step one but, move the lever UP this time.)
  • Move back to the right.

If there's a second slowpoke, pass him too but, then move back over.

Unless you're actually passing someone, you shouldn't be in the passing lane at all. In Texas, cruising in the passing lane can cost you $200!  And, give the slowpoke a chance to move over for you, ok?  Horns, middle fingers and f-bombs don't really work so, save all that. Just let him see you and he should move.

If you move right to pass him, everyone else will too and Gramps will be stuck in that lane forever...

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