We've been seeing record-breaking heat around the state and region the past week and it'll continue this week. Here's how to keep your pets safe. Last week, we saw record-smashing heat affect large regions of the United States including the Southwest. In El Paso we saw temperatures hit 108 degrees Thursday through Saturday and even a sweltering 109 degrees on Monday. Thankfully, temperatures have cooled down a bit but were still hitting triple-digit temperatures all over West Texas. While it's important to take care of yourself during the heat, you also need to make sure your pets are safe and healthy.

While many furry family members are kept inside the house, your pets still need to go outdoors to relieve themselves and get some exercise. And the hot temperatures aren't letting up just yet. This week, we're seeing the Sun City earning its nickname with highs of at least 100 degrees before the temperatures cool down next week. In San Angelo and Abilene, highs will be 102 and 103 respectively before we see temperatures cooling down by next week. While you keep yourself cool, we also have some tips to help you keep your pets safe during the summer heat.

Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool In The Summer Heat

Remember, if at all possible just bring your pets inside. If you can barely stand being outside for prolonged amounts of time in the summer heat, imagine how your pets feel outside. Use some, but hopefully most, of these tips and tricks to help your pets stay cool this summer.

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