We have seen some of you reach out to us about some confusion when it comes to your chance to win $10,000 on 95.5 KLAQ. The Go Fund Yourself contest is what you might originally know as "win cash."

We do not mean to confuse anyone, we are just making it more fun!

For those who may be entering the site on a laptop or desktop, you can easily enter over at the 'Go Fund Yourself' link at the must-read bar.


If you are using the app, you can easily follow this gallery with steps on how to enter the codes.

IF that did not help, here is Joanna to explain:

This is a national contest that has multiple markets participating. We have seen a few of you ask that question, along with asking how winners are contacted. Do not worry, if you win you will be contacted by a strange number. Since we are doing this through April, just to be sure you do not miss a call, you should answer all the random numbers that call you.

If you are still confused about these steps to enter the codes, please feel free to reach out to elpaso.dme@townsquaremedia.com. We always want to better the app and online experience for our listeners, so we can't do that without you!

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