Here's a cool example of what some refer to as "ripples". The unintended, and often beneficial, consequences of our actions.

KLAQ Operations Manager Kevin Vargas loves history and visiting Borderland historical sites and area cemeteries like Concordia. When Kevin went to photograph the marker of El Paso's first mayor, Ben Dowell, he found only a pipe and a small plaque. The location of this grave had only recently been discovered. Dowell's grave has no headstone, something Kevin felt just wasn't right for such an important figure in El Paso's history. He then shared Ben's story and called attention to the lack of proper commemoration via the "Remember In El Paso When" Facebook page.  (Learn more about Dowell in Kevin's original post.)

Then, something pretty cool happened...

Kevin's post was seen by the El Paso County Historical Commission who agreed that Dowell not having a marker was unfair. They arranged funding for a headstone and it's already being made!

If you'd like to visit the grave, you'll find it a lot easier than Kevin did. Ben lies in Concordia Cemetery, fairly close to the wall separating Concordia from L & J Cafe. (See the photos.)


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