Mother's Day is Sunday and, with my Mom, flowers won't cut it.

My Mom, God Bless her, is 86. Not that you'd ever guess that as she is a 3rd-degree black belt and has recently taken up tai chi. She also has an uncommon, at least for most women her age, appreciation for Heavy Metal. Seriously. Not only does she like it, her close friends include members of Drowning Pool, Halestorm and Al Pitrelli along with several members, (past and present), of TSO. (That's her with Rich Ward from Fozzy in the photo.)

Not to mention Local Locos like Bloody Elephante, Pissing RazorsTexas Voodoo Stomp and just about all the rest. Tons of peeps know what a sweet and loving badass she is after meeting her at concerts, KLAQ events and motorcycle rally's over the years.

See why a "normal' Mother's Day is out of the question? Here's how the weekend usually goes:

  • Saturday morning, breakfast courtesy of my brother.
  • Saturday evening, takeout from her beloved Rib Hut.
  • Sunday morning, I fire up the Harley and off we go. Last year, we rode across Anthony Gap, all around the Upper Valley and back over Trans Mountain.
  • Sunday evening, target shooting with my daughters.

That's how she rolls. We do mother's Day differently because she's different. Although this pandemic may cut into some of our beer stops along the way, this year should look pretty much like last year. Unless we just take one long ride to Ruidoso and back. It's up to her, I just point the bike in the direction indicated.

Happy Mother's Day to your Mom, or to you as the case may be. Whatever you do for Mom or have done for you ... or however you remember your Mom ... please give her my best too!

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