Everyone designates their Sunday for either a fun day, cleaning, or getting ahead for work. I usually prefer my Sunday to consist of vegging out while trying to get prepare for a work week ahead. I know some who make sure their Sunday always consists of having fun no matter what. My relatives take advantage of having time off from work to clean house and do laundry. How do you usually spend your Sunday when you're off from work? Take the poll above!

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    Sunday Funday

    When I have energy and have my responsibilities taken care of I will participate in a little Sunday Funday! Sometimes we have procrastinated our vital duties and put partying first. It's understanding that some take part in Sunday Funday to help ease the soul about returning to work. I will be first to admit that I would get an invite out on Sunday Funday and would happily accept but not anymore.

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    Cleaning & Laundry

    A majority of people usually use their Sunday for cleaning and doing laundry. The reason being is that during the week most people don't have the time to complete the house chores. Ever since my sister has been in high school she has always designated a Sunday for cleaning and washing her clothes.

  • Robert Alexander
    Robert Alexander

    Preparing For Another Work Week

    You can't forget about the other group of people who like to get ahead for work. By getting ahead it helps them feel not so stressed out about returning for another week. Getting ahead for work not only eases your mind but also lightens up your work load.

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