There are some people who make the best of Hurricane Imelda in Houston. Like one Houston man despite the crazy weather, he took advantage of being stranded. He decided to grab a bite to eat at the ever so famous Whataburger. While killing time due to being stranded because of the flood, he had the unimaginable happen. While camera crews were filming the flooding waters, one man Andrew Mattheis caught the perfect Kodak moment. He caught a Houston man chomping on some Whataburger then ends up catching a 4-pound bass.

I can recall the time El Paso had severe flooding in 2006 which I was not here to experience. That time I was enjoying the perfect weather in California but came back to the disaster the day after. After arriving home plenty of Westsiders that lived near Balboa Street had a ton of DVD's laying on the road. Some of my dude friends used the flooding waters to their advantage by using a canoe on their street. It's recommended to stay indoors during endangering weather, but sometimes it makes for a good time.

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