"You served this country and you deserve better."

Youtube User MrKhalidmax999 recently put up a video of an incident where he bought a meal for a homeless veteran.

Here's what Mr. Khalid had to say about the video:

Today I met this homeless war veteran on the gas station. He approached me and asked me for change. I said what do you need the change for ?? He said he hasn't eaten since yesterday. So I told him to hop in the car and let me buy you food. Take a look at the video. The idea behind this video is not every homeless person asks for money to buy drugs and also to raise awareness for our homeless veterans.

You can see in the video that the man who received the meal was moved to tears by the kind treatment he was shown. Khalid even promises to buy the man a meal everyday until he is able to get back on his feet.

Great way to show people how to pay it forward.