You know this premise: precocious child is at home by himself. When the house is under attack the kid decides to fight back, setting booby-traps all over the house and improvising weapons out of toys and common household items. Eventually, the intruder is shot with a slain police officer’s gun.

Psych!(also, Spoiler Alert!) You probably thought I was talking about 1990’s Home Alone. But I was actually describing a French movie that came out a year before called, "3615 Code Pere Noel" also known by its English translation "Dial Code Santa Claus" or it’s other English translation, "It’s a Good Thing the Wet Bandits Didn’t Try That S*** in France Because The Only Thing Wet Would be Their Corpses, With Their Own Blood. Or something."

It’s been described as "Home Alone" meets "Rambo" but the bad guy murders the kid’s dog so I consider it more of "Home Alone" meets "John Wick" in that regard. Oh, and I don’t remember if I mentioned , but it came out a WHOLE YEAR BEFORE "HOME ALONE"! So, maybe it should be "Home Alone" is 3615 Code Pere Noel meets plagiarism.

This film was never released in the U.S. but it is doing a mini-tour of theatres this month a list of which you can see here.

We do have the trailer, though, and…yeah, it looks as nuts as it sounds.

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