Show her how much you love her in...liquor bottles? Valentine's Day is tomorrow and many people are trying to figure out what they should give their significant others for the big day. There are the traditional routes that a person could take, like chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and the grand gestures like jewelry but those presents aren't for everyone. When you look on various websites there are tons of local options for gifts and items your significant other could enjoy.

Custom-made presents filled with love, thought, and passion. But then you get those weird presents too. That's exactly what you can find on some sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Twitter and more. Check out some of these strange items we found online that your lover may or may not want tomorrow.

Weird Boxer Shorts- We understand you must be proud of your man and what he's packing in his pants but these are a little bit of a shocker. Hopefully if you're the only one that is viewing these special underpants then this could be okay but still.

Facebook Marketplace


Baby Onesie- Your baby was made with love, or at least during some lovemaking but this onesie is sure to leave some emotional embarrassment for your kid when they get older and see what you decided to dress up your kid in on Valentine's.

Facebook Marketplace


Hoodrat Valentine's Gift- We can't find this item for sale anymore on Facebook but it still look pretty amazing. If they are for sale, feel free to drop one off at the station for Joanna and me. We would put this "hood rat" Valentine's gift to good use. And drink it single-style on the big V-Day.

Mickey Delivering Valentine's- Okay, we've seen some strange Valentine's Grams being sent and been seen at different offices but a giant Disney mouse that doesn't speak and is just dropping off your presents is a little weird. Don't get us wrong though we still totally want to borrow this costume. Mostly just to dance in traffic wearing.

Facebook Marketplace


More Inappropriate Boxers- If you thought the pair above were a little obscene, let me introduce you to these beauties. The more I look at these inappropriate undergarments, the more I kind of want to buy them. They're pretty hilarious.