Not enough hotties in your senior class?  No problemo, just photoshop the senior IDs!

St. Teresa's Academy got new senior ID cards half way through the year, with a few modifications.

Senior Lily O'Neill said:

Me and all my friends in my advisory, the seniors, we all gathered around and started passing each other's around and looking at them and laughing, kind of, just because of how ridiculous they were."

Faces, outfits and even skin tones were touched up in the new pictures and some "slimming" had also been done in a few.

St. Teresa's school president Nan Tiehen Bone said that a few students didn't get ID cards and the company that makes them was supposed to only send cards to those students.  Instead, they sent a new, "touched up" pic to EVERY senior.

Bone added that the seniors would, again, get new ID cards.  This time with their own faces and clothing though!


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