Valentine's Day is this weekend and many are scrambling for those last-minute gifts for their significant other. When searching for the perfect gift, there are many ideas that can pop into your head. There are the traditional gifts that a person can get, like chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and then there are grand gestures like expensive jewelry.

What may help you make your decision as to which present is right for you to give is to maybe see what other people are getting for their significant other in the area. Thankfully the website CouponLawn decided to see what are the most Google'd gifts from each state to see what other people in your area may be purchasing.

For the Lone Star state, looks like Texans like to keep it simple and let your partner pick out what will make them happy by grabbing a convenient gift card. Some may think it's the easy way out for a gift but others would be relieved to know that they don't have to pretend that they adore a present if they really didn't Only problem is then deciding what amount of money is enough to give someone. The safest bet is to go with at least $50 on the gift card, and probably more if you've been with the person for a longer amount of time.

For New Mexicans, boxer shorts were the most Google'd present for the Land of Enchantment residents. No word on whether or not it was just boxer shorts, and no other type of undergarment. I'm pretty sure not everyone wants boxer shorts for the most romantic holiday. It may be safer to get your lady something else, even some comfy pajamas.

You can see the entire report on the Coupon Lawn website to what other states chose for Valentine's Day presents.

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