A motorcyclist was badly injured by a hit and run driver Wednesday. Can you help find that driver?

The El Paso Police Department is looking for the driver who struck a motorcyclist yesterday on Edgemere in front of El Dorado High school. The motorcyclist was struck, then dragged and then run over by the vehicle before its driver fled the scene. There isn't much information on the vehicle other than several witnesses said it was a white, Ford F-150 while one witness said it was a white Chevrolet pickup. So far, no one has been able to describe the driver.

As you can see, the motorcycle is orange and black. The truck may have stains in that same color on it and, being that the truck is definitely white, that orange would show pretty clearly. So, if you see a white pickup with orange-ish paint smears, please get a plate number and report it.

Security camera footage from nearby businesses is being checked but, that's about all that can be done for now. If you or anyone you know was in that area ... on Edgemere in front of El Dorado High school ... at approximately 7:30pm Wednesday, (7/30/20), and saw or heard anything that may be of help, please contact the El Paso Police Department. Any little piece of information could be a turning point so, please, think carefully if you were in that area. Driving past, visiting a nearby merchant, etc.

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