Happy 'Stranger Things' Day! If you're a fan of the show then you know that on this day, November 6 of 1983, Will Byers went missing in Hawkins, Indiana. The show debuted in 2016 and since then, fans all over the world dubbed November 6th as "Stranger Things" day! The show is full of 80's nostalgia and has a very impressive cast of young actors. The first season hooked everyone; and sure, the second season was questionable, but that third season came with a bang and made us all fall in love all over again with the characters. If you don't remember how we got here, check out the first eight minutes of that first episode where we all became fans:

There's no word on the exact date that "Stranger Things" will come back but production has started and fans are already starting their theories of what's to come in season four.

If you are looking to celebrate the day here are some cool things you can totally do, safely and at home, to make it feel like you have visited the Upside Down.

  • Watch "Stranger Things"
    This one is obvious. Watch it in any order you please, or maybe you just want to see your favorite episodes- it doesn't matter, just having the show on will make you feel like you're in the spirit of the holiday!
  • Dress Up Like the Characters.
    Do I have a purse in the shape of a waffle? Totally. Does my nephew own a cap exactly like Dustin's? Yup. Dressing up like the characters is fun and easy- just throw on some totally awesome 80's inspired clothes!
  • Decorate your Room with Christmas Lights.
    Pull a Joyce Byers and hang up some Christmas lights and see if you can summon someone from the Upside Down!
  • Get Some Ice Cream in Honor of Scoops Ahoy!
    You don't have to be wearing the Scoops Ahoy uniform to get some ice cream- sadly Steve Harrington and Robin won't be the ones getting you the ice cream!
  • Play "Dungeons & Dragons"
    D&D has really made a huge comeback recently. I myself have played D&D and it's not bad- it's actually pretty fun! Watch out for the Demogorgon!
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