"Green it up" on Cincinnati Street with The Q!

There are St. Pattys Day parties and then there are knock down, drag out EPIC St. Pattys Day parties!  Such would be the case with the Cincinnati Street area tomorrow!!

Not just one bar or restaurant, but a plethora of them!  All with one thing in mind, showing you a great "green" time!  Scott Ronson from The Q will be at Corner Tavern tomorrow from 2-4, but the party starts way before that!

Everything starts around 11.  Stop by for brunch with an Irish twist at G-2 and then start wandering!

The whole Cincinnati Street area will be at your disposal!  Wandering bagpipers will keep you entertained while you have a Guiness or two at Hemingways, catch live bands and DJs at The Loft Mini Bar and enjoy some Bushmills with Ronson at The Corner Tavern!

Ardovinos, Everyday Gyro, Marco Polo, Crawdaddys, Agave and Spice will also all be open and admission is FREE!!

See ya' there laddies and lassies!!