There is this awesome place of terror people can grab some adult drinks at in Denver, Colorado. That cool place is called Horror Bar and the name definitely meets its expectations for guests. Horror Bar in Denver, Colorado is there for those who enjoy horror flicks along with a cocktail.

The Horror Bar's theme is filled with horror decorations that fill the walls of the bar and even their specialty drinks. There are posters, skulls, candles, and pictures of the horror characters we all know and love. This bar in Denver has had a lot of visitors over time and had me wondering something.

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There are a lot of people in El Paso who wish it could be Halloween every day. Hell, even when October rolls around we always look forward to 31 days of Halloween on SyFy. Well, lucky for Denver they have a place that is purposely focused on nothing but horror every day.

Which you know Horror Bar would be every Halloween fanatics favorite spot for a cold one when 5 o'clock rolls around. After all, there are so many Halloween Facebook pages like one favorite of mine Halloween Hillbilly. I love when October rolls around because of Syfy's horror movie fest.

Well, as a rock n' roll mommy I wouldn't mind unwinding at a bar of horror with horror flicks and drinks in October. In fact, for Halloween fanatics that would be like perfectly killing two birds with one stone. In my opinion, I believe a horror bar would definitely survive in El Paso. But I would like to know how many of you wish that kind of bar existed in Chuco Town. Leave your two cents in the poll below. You can check out what Denver, Colorado's Horror Bar is all about from 303 Magazine by clicking here.

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