Halestorm are heating up the charts with their latest single ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ off of their new album ‘The Strange Case Of…‘ Loudwire had the opportunity to briefly chat with to the men of Halestorm recently, and they discussed the new disc and their run on the Mass Chaos Tour with Godsmack and Staind.

While frontwoman Lzzy Hale gets most of the press in the band — heck, we interviewed her recently — this time we got to hear from guitarist Joe Hottinger, bassist Josh Smith and drummer Arejay Hale. They all shared their “elation” about touring with Godsmack and Staind, plus they talked about how recording the new album was a truly fun experience after touring for three years in promotion of their debut disc.

What was the recording process like for you guys for ‘The Strange Case Of’?

Joe Hottinger: It was easy, it was effortless, we’ve been out on the road for three years prior and we had a lot to get off our chest so it just spewed out.

Arejay Hale: It was a lot of fun. We felt way more prepared going into the studio this time. We felt after three years of playing in front of so many massive audiences that we had a lot of inspiration and a lot of aggression we wanted to get out, so it’s definitely a lot heavier.

You guys are touring with Godsmack and Staind; how do you guys feel being part of the Mass Chaos tour?

AH: Pins and needles. [Laughs]

Josh Smith: Elation.

JH: With our record just having come out, we’re going to come out playing a lot of new stuff, it’s a little nerve racking. It’s all new stuff and hopefully everyone likes it; we’ve got a lot of kinks to work out.

You guys are always on the road, what is one thing you must bring on the road with you — no electronics.

JH: Definitely my Mug of the Woods Tree Mug for coffee; I drink a lot of coffee on the road. It’s the only that keeps me a live on the road. It’s actually a piece of a tree branch carved out and it’s a mug.

Did you make it?

JH: No this guy in South Dakota makes them. I should have said I made it.

JS: He hollowed it out of a tree with his own teeth.

AH: I need my goddamn ear plugs.

JS: I have this foam roller that I carry around and it stretches me out. It’s like this cylinder of foam and I lay on it. It’s badass.

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