The Halloween season is over.

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Well, actually, it's been over for awhile now, but because I missed out on all the Halloween festivities because I was sick, I'm barely getting around to saying goodbye to spooky season.

By now, many of you have all put away those Halloween decorations and thrown away the fake spider webs; but for some of us, those Halloween decorations are a mainstay.

This year, one thing I'm incorporating into my everyday life are the McDonald's Halloween pails they gave out this year. Yes, I am a Millennial who got the buckets!

You know which ones- so many of us even went out of our way to collect them!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

I managed to snag the orange one and the white one. Unfortunately for me, I never acquired the green one.

But if you're like me and are having a hard time trying to put these buckets away, then allow me to give you some ideas on how to reuse this bucket for everyday life.

You can use this bucket as a snack bucket- for movie nights and such and throw some popcorn in it.

If you want to up your snack game, you can always add some elote, and pretty much anything your little heart desires!

But, if you're an adult who really wants to get the best use out of that bucket, then this boo-zy hack is just for you!

Add alcohol!

You know how some places use the fishbowls for boozy drinks? Trust me, use the bucket instead!

Do not throw that bucket away and make yourself a Michelada!

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