Texans For Consumer Freedom are campaigning to change the way package store liquor permits are issued in Texas.

The group says:

The TABC's mission specifically requires the commission to "ensure fair competition within the alcoholic beverage industry," but when it comes to the retail sale of spirits, its laws are antiquated, anti-competitive, and protectionist.  Texas' package store ownership laws actually prevent competition and consumer choice.

They add that while "Texas code limits ownership of liquor stores to no more than five permits per individual", a loophole exists allowing immediate family members of package store owners to pile up an unlimited amount of extras. They say current laws not only allows certain families to go way over the permit limit, they also protect them from competition against public companies.

If you'd like to learn more, or if you want to sign their petition, visit their website. (For a quick, video explanation of all this, click here!)