Aerification, or “punching holes in the ground”, is something that every golf course does. But giving a special price because the ground is all effed-up is definitely NOT something every course does.

In fact, in my life of playing golf I’ve never had the experience of paying LESS because the golf course is…(ahem)…”not up to par”.

The reason golf courses aerify is to keep the deep root systems of the grass healthy. Thousands of holes are punched into the surface, especially on the greens, to make sure that enough oxygen is getting down deep so the roots don’t suffocate and wither away. It keeps the greens, well, green. The trade-off is that the greens don’t recover fully for a couple of weeks. During that aerification period, golfers have to a.) putt on a surface that’s riddled with thousands of little holes or b.) not play. You could take your game over to another course but because greens are aerified around the same weeks each year (once in spring and once in fall, typically) you might just find that all the other courses are in a similar state.

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So, there’s no getting around punched greens for about a month out of every year. However, Painted Dunes Desert Golf Course is doing something that I’ve never seen another course do.

Painted Dunes is offering a round of golf, 18 holes, including cart and taxes for just $30. That’s it. They’re punching the greens today so the $30 deal is going to be good from Tuesday, September 14 thru September 17th and again next week, September 20th thru September 24th.

Most courses that I’ve ever played just charge the same even if the greens have just been punched. In fact, you usually don’t find out a course has been aerified until you GET to the first green. So, thanks Painted Dunes, for the head’s-up AND for the special rates!

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