In case you didn't already know it, it's national donut day! So, happy national donut day! Treat yourself (or the office, family, friends, etc.) to some donuts on this most joyous occasion. And if you don't want to shell out for the entire box, no worries, you can still treat yourself to one free donut at these participating locations!

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    Hillside Coffee and Donut Co.

    4935 N. Mesa

    Swing on over to El Paso's very own Hillside Coffee and Donut Co. for some of their uniquely square shaped donuts! Might I recommend the Cowgirl donut?


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    Dunkin' Donuts

    Yes, you have to purchase a beverage, but can I just say that Dunkin' really has some great coffee?! I love their coffee and getting a free strawberry frosted is clutch.

  • Krispy Kreme via Twitter
    Krispy Kreme via Twitter

    Krispy Kreme

    El Paso Locations

    Krispy Kreme is already a fan favorite because sometimes when that light outside is on, they'll give you a free donut! Usually it's just a glazed one but today on this most holy of days, you can get a donut of your choosing! Sprinkles? Yaasss. Chocolate frosted? Get it, girl!

  • Walmart via Twitter
    Walmart via Twitter


    Yeah, that's right, Walmart. If you're like me that has nephews that won't settle down when you're at Walmart, take them to the bakery section and get them a free donut!



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    Papa John's Pizza

    El Paso Locations

    Hey, what's better than pizza and donuts? Pizza and free donut....holes! Donut holes are highly underrated. They're delicous, especially because Papa John's will have donut holes filled with caramel! And according to the comments, you get ten free caramel donut holes!

  • Edible Arrangements via Twitter
    Edible Arrangements via Twitter

    Edible Arrangements

    1491 Lee Trevino & 7040 N Mesa St, El Paso

    I know, weird right? But it actually sounds like a cool donut. they're calling it an "edible donut"  which I'm assuming it's going to be fruit covered in chocolate since that's what they specialize in.

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