Want to check out all the fun of Arizona Bike Week on us? KLAQ and Law Tigers can make it happen for you!

Law Tigers, Texas Motorcycle Lawyers are now available to represent Borderland Bikers in the El Paso area. They also come bearing gifts, hence the two passes to check out all the fun and excitement of Arizona Bike Week, along with a $500 gift card.

Use it to gas up your scooter, help with today's super-low airfares, put it toward your hotel, or buy those bike parts you've been wanting.

The passes get you all access to all events for all 5 days,  including the concerts! The gift card basically adds a C-note per day.

All you have to do for a chance to win is send us a selfie of you and the motorcycle you intend/would like to ride to Arizona. A relatively easy cruise from here, it's only 4 or 5 gas stops/beers away. Send the photo via the KLAQ mobile app between now and next Friday,(10/2/20).

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The winning photo and that biker, along with his or her guest, are off for a helluva week!

The picture doesn't have to be fancy and the bike doesn't have to be flashy. Just you and your motorcycle, that's all we need. 2nd and 3rd place finalists will receive a "goody bag" from Law Tigers.

For your peace of mind, by the way, crowds for the events this year have been scaled down and all proper safety and health protocols will be in place and enforced to ensure everyone a fun, safe and healthy experience!

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