Residents in one Texas town have decided to send a message to their city reps after they say the potholes on their street have gone unfixed for too long. Sometimes when you're trying to get things done in your city, it may seem like your requests are getting ignored. Residents of Port Author, Texas have now come up with a creative way to help drivers see damaging potholes and send a message  to the city.

They're planting trees in the potholes.

Three major potholes on one street are the main concern, and people are saying the potholes damage vehicles and are a hazard. Neighbors say the potholes have become so deep, they've decided to go ahead and plant small trees in them. While one person said they were to warn drivers about the road hazard, another said planting the trees are a message to city hall. So far, no one from the city has acknowledged the neighborhood's stunt or returned news station KFDM's calls for comment. Maybe next time they need bigger trees?

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