A family that lives out of state is pleading for your help to find their relative. Soldier Richard Halliday who is stationed at Fort Bliss has been missing for a little over a month now. For his family, it seems like he has been missing forever. Richard Halliday has been missing since July 24 and the family was barely notified just last month on August 24 about his disappearance. Richard Halliday's family is not very happy that he has been missing for over a month and was barely notified. His family is saying that it isn't like him to not have any contact with them. They're asking for help and to spread the word to find Richard Halliday. The family is hoping to spread the word enough to find answers. The family wants to know if he is at least safe and alive and hoping maybe someone can help in any way shape or form.

It's a scary situation especially since the other soldiers who went missing in Fort Hood. Above, you can see the information of the people you can contact if you have any information. The family is also asking for your help to spread the word and share their story. Richard Halliday's family is demanding answers and hope to get those answers soon. The MP's have appointed an investigator thanks to the public who have been helping the family. This is a scary situation for anyone to ever experience and should never go through. El Paso is a caring community and we should try and help this worried family get answers. So if you have any information, you can contact the family and inform them of anything you know or saw.

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