The CDC just announced that fully vaccinated adults don't need to worry about wearing masks or social distancing anymore. To be completely honest, there are still some situations where I will still wear a mask. One situation? The morning show meeting when we're all hanging out in Buzz's studio. Honestly, this is a situation where I should have been wearing a mask all along. Who knows how contaminated that room is.

A second situation where I might still wear a mask is going to the movies. If I decide that I want to go check out Black Widow in the theater, I'll probably still wear a mask. If you are able to make it to the Grand Theater Crossing on Fort Bliss, you'll need to abide by the company's safety protocols, but you'll be able to go see a movie in person as the theater will be opening today.

The Grand Theater Crossing will be implementing the following safety protocols.

  • There will be enhanced cleaning
  • Masks will be mandatory in the lobby
  • Capacity will be limited
  • Seating will also be socially distanced

It also says that there will be health prec-checks, which I'm assuming means they're going to take your temperature. James Wood, CEO of VSS-Southern Theatres said:

We have implemented significant measures to help ensure our guests and employees feel comfortable and safe at all of our theatres since our first locations reopened last fall. We know our guests are eager to return to The Grand Fort Bliss and with these newly announced precautions in place, we are excited to welcome them back.

You can get a list of the movies at The Grand Theater Crossing by CLICKING HERE.

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