There is a new joint coming to the Sun City that will provide the brew and flix! Word around the street is a Flix Brewhouse will be coming to West Towne Marketplace. The dine-in movie experience is coming just unsure about when exactly. The future hotspot is still under construction and we are anxiously waiting to enjoy a brew while viewing a flick. But until then we're waiting until Flix Brewhouse can give us a date as to when they will be opening.

Facebook/Flix Brewhouse

If you live far West means you can also enjoy a brew and a flick that is close by. You can say goodbye to making that drive to other theaters that seem kind of far. The new theater will contain 9 auditoriums, luxury seating, and has quite the projection. The Flix Brewhouse will also have a brewpub and outdoor patio that you can enjoy with or without a movie. Their Facebook page seems to throw out a hint that they're coming featuring the evil clown IT with the message IT'S coming. Could IT be a hint that they may open on the day IT Chapter 2 is released in September? They did mention that they plan on opening in the late summer. Either way, we're all excited to have a brew and watch a flick at Flix Brewhouse!