I learned a lot of things from this video. Number one most important, koalas can get Chlamydia?! I'm less likely to want a koala now. 

Five Finger Death Punch Youtube
Five Finger Death Punch Youtube

Five Finger Death Punch was recently in Australia performing and promoting their new album, The Wrong Side Of Heaven, The Righteous Side Of Hell, and was able to get some time off at the zoo. Now, this wasn't a typical visit to the zoo, the guys were able to go into the cages and interact with the native Australian wildlife. The scariest thing for me was in the beginning when Ivan Moody discusses how koalas are promiscuous animals and they can contract Chlamydia, and they have a reputation of being aggressive towards people. But when you see the video you can tell that that is the farthest from the truth; at least when it comes to this little guy. Not too sure if he has Chlamydia though. I don't think that they got close enough to check.

Check out the video below and watch the guys just having a good time with their precious time off. And see how long it takes you to google angry koala. I paused the video and did it. You can still buy your tickets for the KLAQ Balloonfest 2014 here and get more info on the concert here.

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